DLJ International


DLJ INTERNATIONAL has incorporated in Kingdom of Cambodia in order to Cambodian business rules, business practices, policies and regulations to open the market up further to facilitate in trade and projects executions in Cambodia. We have partnered offices in Australia, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh. We have been operated in trading industry, projects execution and facility management more effectively and efficiently to maximize the outputs in terms of its own well-being and social well-being.

Why Choose us

DLJ International is to facilitate the process of a business enlarging or varying its range of products or field of operation to do effective risk management that mixes a wide variety of investments within our portfolio.

Diversification and Multi-National Organizational Philosophy


Good at projects management and facilitate management


Our Services

We offer the complete spectrum of services to help organizations work higher.

Manufactured Knit

Manufactured Woven

Manufactured Sweater

Our Companies

What Our Customer's Say

We systemize and revolutionize all process to maximize customers’ well-being and satisfactions by offering the best consumer products for consumer markets and industrial products for industrial markets while accomplishing social well-being by developing and executing necessary government projects to upgrade economic standard and develop infrastructures within the country.